APITMN Membership Criteria

To become a member of l’Association Professionnelle Internationale des Thérapeutes en Médecine Naturelle, you have to meet these terms:

  • Own a degree from one or more Naturopathy or Naturotherapy schools.
  • Be free from legal proceedings regarding practice of the profession.
  • Have accomplished 3 to 5 years of university-level studies in which these classes are included :Nutrition, Nutrients, Medicinal Plants, Anatomy and Physiology, Mental Health, a type of counselling and a class in manual therapy

Membership request

Send your resume, your birth certificate and photocopies of diplomas and certificates.

You will receive an answer as soon as possible. If your candidacy is detained, a membership form will be sent to you.


All applicants must pass the membership examination to join the A.P.I.T.M.N.  The exam includes a questionnaire of about sixty questions on various required subjects and be completed with a case study. This test is intended to demonstrate that the candidate possesses the knowledge and skills to practise the profession.

Fee for file review
These fees are non-refundable
Submit your application
Membership fees
These membership fees include :
  • The exam (in the form of research or a thesis)
  • The correction of the exam
  • The graduation
  • A personalized membership card
  • The first year’s membership fee
  • An official receipt booklet (50)
Join now

Benefits granted to members

• You are joining an organization which has its own constitution, its ethics code and an international cachet;
• Services rendered to customers are covered by most private insurance companies.
• You get a recommendation service and referrals to customers;
• We will give you a membership certificate and a personalized card of l’APITMN;
• You will receive several times per year relevant information and the magazine Le Blé;
• You are invited to attend our annual meeting;
• You are part of the most suitable organization to protect its patrons.;
• You are kept informed of the evolution of our profession all over the world.
Annual membership fee
$215 / annually
Annual membership fee
$75 / annually

To remain an APITMN member, the Naturotherapist is required to follow a minimum of 15 hours refresher course every year.

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